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We are convinced that blending “eaux de vie” coming from a Single Estate

gives the Cognac inimitable character and depth.

To extract the fruit of terroirs, We have decided to master each step of production on our estates.



Charmed by the inimitable atmosphere of this shiny Estate in Charente we soon came to appreciate the sophistication of the celebrated eaux-de-vie of Cognac.

Having become excellent connoisseurs, we successfully produce and distribute Double Crown Cognac which was quickly recognised and appreciated by the European and Asian markets.


Domaines Francis Abécassis covers 240 hectares  in the heart of the Cognac region.
It is in this unique Petite Champagne vineyard that we produce the Double Crown Cognac; from grapes to wine, followed by double distillation and ageing. 
The Cognac is then carefully blended by the maître de chais (cellar master), himself rich with the experience of generations. His task is to retain the unique character of Double Crown Cognac.



Situated on top of a chalky hill-top and perfectly orientated, this renowned vineyard of 90 hectares produces powerful and elegant Cognacs

The range offers a VS, a VSOP, a XO and a XO Extra.

Very old and rare Cognacs complete the range : "Brut de fût" at 43 % Vol. and "Très Vieux" at 45% Vol.

​Presented in  prestigious decanters, the range invites to taste in order to discover what prolonged ageing gives to Cognac in terms of length and complexity.

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