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Domaines Francis Abécassis covers 240 hectares in the heart of the Cognac region.
It is in this unique vineyard, in Petite Champagne, that we produce the DOUBLE CROWN COGNAC; from grapes to wine, followed by double distillation and ageing, and finally blending and bottling.
Characteristic fruitiness allied with exceptional roundness make 
DOUBLE CROWN COGNAC a product both classical and particularly attractive, a product which will help you revise your certitudes in Cognac.


The vineyard consits exclusively in "UGNI BLANC" grape variety. The average age of the vines is over 30 years which guarantees quality for the grapes produced. 

Grape harvest takes place in September and October, once the acquired ripeness display the perfect balance between the alcohol potential and the residual acidity.

Each step is carried out with the double objectives of obtaining the best wine whilst respecting the environnement.



Following the tradition in the Charente region the wines are distilled twice. The first distillation produces a distillate at 32% vol. called “brouillis”. This distillate is then distilled a second time. Only the heart of this second distillation will be selected for ageing and will become Cognac.


Having both time and space available to age Cognac is a real privilege. On our estate, cellars contain some 1500 barrels all made out of French Limousine oak where altogether an equivalent of 2 million bottles are gently mellowed. Each year, new barrels are purchased to provide the natural wood notes which are sought after.



The cellar-master carefully monitors each batch of spirit in order to match maturation of the batches with their ageing potential. He blends only Cognacs which have reached their complete maturity. To achieve a harmonious marriage between the different aromas, we blend our Cognacs long in advance.

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